Make Living and Peace Sustainable
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Organic Farmer's Network

To make sustainable living, Go Organics Japan support these small farmers in Kyushu.

Usagi farm 

At the root of Raizan located in Itoshima, Fukuoka, Usagi Nouen is the farm growing vegetables and rice. Their crops are grown naturally without pesticide and animal compost. With their enthusiasm " to deliver delicious vegetables daily to every family," every farm worker enjoys working with any animal or living thing at the farm. 

Kurun Nouen

Kurun Nouen is a unique farm in Arao, Kumamoto. They runs a farm and restaurant using the crops and allows non-farmers to rent part of their farm space for their farming experience. The restaurant is a refreshing place with kids' room to play and a great view of their renting farm. Because they have both personal area nd from sharing area at their renting farm, renting farmers can experience farming from not only lectures but also actual practices at the site. With the emphasis on the quality of the soil for great produce, the farm have made efforts to improve their soil, such as by adding wood chips to activate microorganisms in the soil. 

Tom Farm

In Nijoyoshii, Itoshima, Fukuoka, Tom farm is the farm that is growing sesame with natural farming, the use of the natural method, which lets the raw microorganisms in the soil naturally activate and develop by themselves, enables the farm to cultivate their crops with no pesticide. Following the farming approach, they have also grown other vegetables and tried to raise honey as well as their main produce sesame. Besides, the farmers and visitors there can enjoy the fantastic view of mountains and ocean from the farm due to its great location.